We know right now you feel...

STRESSED out, because all this biz stuff is new, scary, and so foreign. 

OVERWHELMED, because your to-do-list keeps getting longer and you feel more behind. 

LOST, because there are so many decisions to make but you can't seem to commit to any of them.  

ANXIOUS, because you have to put yourself out there but what if you fail?

DREAD, because your business coach is forcing you to post on social media and it's terrifying. 

HOPELESS, because you see everyone else hitting their quarterly goals and you haven't even started setting goals.  

STUCK, because what if you make a decision and it doesn't work and you end up losing more money. 

SAD, because you spent so much time, energy, and money on becoming a doctor but now you have to start all over again.. 

PISSED at yourself, because you know you want to start this biz but you can't seem to take the first step.

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Think about it. When you feel MOTIVATED, CONFIDENT, RELAXED, and EXCITED: 

✔️ You get up in the morning LOOKING FORWARD to working on your business.  

✔️ You SEEK OUT and CONNECT with other female physicians business owners, you don't see them as competition, you see them as your community. 

✔️ You SHOW UP and PLAY on social media as YOURSELF.

✔️ You REST without guilt and you notice you get your BEST ideas after your mid day nap. 

✔️ You don't feel obligated to say YES to pushy salespeople when you really mean NO

✔️ You TRUST yourself enough to make a decision instead of thinking and obsessing about it for days.

✔️ You STOP COMPARING yourself to others and hating them for being “better” than you.

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✔️ You roll out of bed with a heavy feeling at the pit of your stomach and pressure in your chest because you have to tackle your endless to-do list. 

✔️ You avoid other successful female business owners because you feel like a loser. 

✔️ You hide thinking this business thing is way too scary. 

✔️ You show up as some “perfect” prototype on social media and at some point you don't even recognize who you are. 

✔️ You might get enough courage to finally post on social media but immediately you FREEZE and PANIC. 

✔️ You work 24-7 taking all the popular business coaching courses and joining a dozen business communities but you get no results. 

✔️ You perpetually judge, fault yourself for being too scared, to dumb, too indecisive to even try this business thing.

You give up and don't think you even deserve to have a business of your own.

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We don't want you to give up on your dream business.

We also don't want you to build a business the same way you built your medical career.

We don't want you to feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, angry and depleted. 

We want you to build a hustle free business, playing around with different ideas, having fun meeting people, using your creativity and your magic.

Impossible you say? NO WAY can I build a profitable business by playing around, taking breaks,and having fun. 

We are going to prove you wrong.


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You CAN build a money making business with Ease. Fun. Play.   

We will share our secret. 

It's easy.

It’s quick.

It’s simple.

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What is lacking from traditional business coaching today is the “SELF.”  

The focus of all business coaching and courses is on the 5 Ps of: 

people, product, process, profit, and performance. 

Traditional business coaching teaches you about: 

ideal client, product or service, procedures and protocols, p&l reports, and key performance indicators.

What about YOU as the leader? 


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Traditional business model forgets about “YOU!” 

It doesn't acknowledge the SELF. 

We took all those traditional business coaching programs and courses. We ended up stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, and hopeless. 

We created successful businesses, but our entrepreneurial journeys led us to burnout and dis-ease

The hustle and grind was no longer sustainable.

We don't want that for you and we knew something had to change

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In SOULprenuerMD, we created a business model that puts YOU front row and center.

We believe that majority of the businesses fail due to 

lack of “Self-leadership.” 


We believe that the key determinant of a money making business relies on


“Self-leadership” is the answer to how we lead our mind, body, and soul to survive and thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and stressful world. 


In SOULpreneurMD we guide you step-by-step.  

When you gain full mastery of  “Self-leadership” you will no longer be constantly stressed, dreading your day, and fearing the uncertainty.

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When you join SOULpreneurMD you will:

✔️ learn leadership skills.

✔️ gain freedom of time.

✔️ gain energy. 

✔️ make lots of money.

✔️ have FUN!

As female physician SOULpreneurs, we want to teach you our business model so you can build your own PROFITABLE, HUSTLE FREE business, have fun, and make money just as we are.

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About SOULpreneurMD

and why you need it...


This is the ONLY program you’ll ever need when it comes to creating your soul-aligned PROFITABLE business. 


SOULpreneurMD is a 12-week deep-dive experience taught exclusively by Dr Parastoo and Dr Sogol—The two renowned physician SOULpreneurs, public speakers, and podcasters who have built their soul-aligned PROFITABLE businesses in the world of PRIVATE PRACTICE as well as COACHING. 


SOULpreneurMD has been intentionally designed and curated to give you the BEST of the BEST when it comes to business coaching, leadership, and success strategies. Most importantly SOULpreneurMD is uniquely results-driven. Because it’s mainly the RESULTS that matter, right?


Rather than throwing a bunch of meaningless materials at you, we teach you ONLY what you need to create your soul-aligned business that brings you lots of MONEY, FREEDOM, and JOY. 

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Our program consists of 3 pillars:

  1. SELF-leadership

  2. Mindfulness

  3. Manifestation 


We deep-dive into each pillar. Each pillar consists of 4 modules. Each module of the program is pre-recorded and accessed through a student-only portal. The modules are released one at a time in the beginning of each week. 


Each module comes with a SOULwork and SOULbook, where you practice implementing the concepts, we teach you. 


You will have a schedule available to you in the beginning of the program, which helps you keep organized and keep track of your progress and magical transformations you make. You will have access to the modules for 4 weeks after the program ends. 


You will have 12 live group coaching sessions held by our legendary SOULpreneurs, Dr Parastoo and Dr Sogol. These sessions will be held once a week throughout the program and last for one full hour. Dr Parastoo and Dr Sogol’s coaching is unique and includes multiple deep-dive coaching tools such as embodiment, nervous system regulation, inner child healing, internal family system, and extensive business coaching. Dr Parastoo and Dr Sogol have helped many female physician SOULpreneurs create their DREAM business. The coaching sessions will be recorded and available in the portal. 

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But that’s NOT what your investment in the program is.


The SOULpreneurMD program is


ONLY $5,000 


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We have helped dozens of our clients break the vicious cycle of anxiety, stress, doubt, and create a profitable HUSTLE FREE business.

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When you sign up for SOULpreneurMD, you:

 ✔️ show up as your true authentic vibrant powerful confident self and...

✔️ ...take aligned action that will lead you to get better and faster results.

✔️ overflow with ideas and creativity.

✔️ make decisions based on what you want not what you SHOULD want.

✔️ be more connected with your business mission and vision.

✔️ show up on social media as yourself. 

✔️ connect with other female SOULpreneur physician to network, love, and support each other.

✔️ have FUN while building your profitable dream business. 

✔️ make A LOT of money!

You won't be stuck, procrastinating and building a business with anxiety. Overwhelm. Stress.

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By joining SOULpreneurMD you will:

✔️ learn leadership skills.

✔️ gain freedom of time and energy.

✔️ make lots of money.

✔️ play and have fun!

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SOULpreneurMD will help you create a:




✔️ FUN


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