Soul Hour

with Dr. Parastoo & Dr. Sogol 


“Soul Hour” is a SAFE COMMUNITY for female physicians to come together, share life-experiences, tell stories, get coached, empower and support each other, get advice, or merely talk.


As female physicians, we have our unique life challenges. We are brilliant, independent, powerful, high achieving women who have worked hard to get to where we are today. 


But we often feel LONELY, because we can’t share our struggles with our spouses, male colleagues, and our non-physician friends. 


Our life experiences and stories are unique and powerful, but they also grew us apart from old friends and family members.   


We created the “Soul Hour” out of the need to build a community exclusive to like-minded female physicians, where they can connect at the SOUL level and thrive. 



Inside the “Soul Hour” we:


✔️  Create a SAFE environment for each other 


✔️  Leave judgment behind 


✔️  Celebrate each other 


✔️  Lift each other up 


✔️  Laugh and cry together 


✔️  Share stories

✔️  Empower and hold light for each other



Life is a magical journey, but you don’t need to go through it ALONE


It’s always more fun to share the ride and nourish our souls. 


You can get where you want to go faster when you have a supportive COMMUNITY who TRULY understands and supports you. 


Let us be your companions and friends, and make this journey joyful.


Inside the “Soul Hour”, we meet every second and fourth Sunday of the month from 9-10AM CST . 


Dr. Parastoo and Dr. Sogol will be offering coaching and guidance during this time. 


There will be lots of fun activities, dance, and play.