I was born in Tehran, Iran. I spent most of my childhood talking, playing outside, and wandering freely around in my neighborhood streets.

I used to gather up random kids, lead them in a friendly game of hopscotch, “stop havayee,” and dodgeball. I loved the attention, the freedom, and the spontaneity.

My life took a complete turn when I immigrated to the US at the age of 10.

I stopped talking because I didn't know how to speak the English language. I stopped playing because everyone was scared to play with the terrorist from Iran. I stopped wandering in the streets because it wasn't safe. 

Growing up as a brown immigrant girl in the Deep South, I mastered the skill of overworking and overachieving.

Fun, play, and freedom were no longer tolerated and frankly punished.

I graduated top 2% of my high school class.

I completed college in three years.

I received my medical doctorate degree from a prestigious academic center.

I completed my pediatric training at the top pediatric hospitals in the nation.  

I reached the American Dream but Physician was only part of my childhood dream.

Entrepreneurship was my true calling

Two years after completing residency, I co- founded ABC Pediatric clinic with my sister.

Within no time the clinic quickly grew to a multiple 6-figure business and has since had exponential growth serving 15,000 patients, employing 9 clinicians, and staffing 40. 

Ironically, with the success of my business came stress, overwhelm, and anxiety—not joy and fulfillment. 

Business became rigid, scheduled, and drab.

There was no play, only meetings.

No fun, only SOP (standard operating procedures.)

No freedom, only KPI (key performance indicators.)

No wonder, only quarterly and annual goals. 

No connection, only data and metrics. 

I recognized that the hustle and grind approach was no longer sustainable. 

I realized that the exact thing that led me to my multi million dollar biz had started to destroy me. 

Something had to change.

The business MODEL had to change.

That’s how we created our business model to help female physician SOULpreneurs create a profitable hustle free business.


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