I’m an immigrant physician from Iran. I was raised during the post-revolutionary Iran and Iran-Iraq war.

My early childhood memories are deeply influenced by patriarchy, brutality of the theocratic regime, and the fear of war and persecution.

That’s how “no pain, no gain” became my mantra for the next 4 decades.

I completed my medical training in the most prestigious medical school in Iran and left home to set my soul free and create the life of my dreams.

I immigrated twice, first to Germany, then the USA and each time I returned to the mantra “no pain, no gain” to survive. 

As an immigrant woman I mastered the art of overachieving and overworking. 

I completed a prestigious research fellowship at Johns Hopkins University. 

I finished my internal medicine residency at the prestigious UPMC, ranked in the top 10 hospitals in the nation. I am a YALE-trained adult gastroenterologist and was quickly recruited by UCLA into academia.  

But something was missing. 

Entrepreneurship was the TRUE YEARNING of my SOUL.

I joined Austin Gastroenterology, a renowned multi 7-figure private GI practice with over 39 gastroenterologists.

After only two years, I became the FIRST immigrant woman partner in our practice.

After only 6 months, I became the top earner in the whole practice. 

My entrepreneurship journey led me to a diagnosis of breast cancer

My wakeup call. 

With success, I came face-to-face with my mortality. 

Did overworking, overachieving, and stress cause my cancer? 

I realized what created my freedom, power, and money, had started to destroy me. 

The hustle and grind was not sustainable anymore.

Something had to change.

The business MODEL had to change.

That’s how we created our business model to help female physician SOULpreneurs create a profitable hustle free business.


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